Modern diesel engines are fitted with a component known as an EGR Valve (Exhaust Gas Recirculation).

The valve often either fails electronically with a fault with the EGR position sensors or due to a carbon build up which prevents the valve from opening or closing. If the valve sticks in the open position it can cause both starting and general running issues and more often than not will bring on the engine management warning light and the vehicle will go into limp mode.

We can reprogram the ECU in order to keep the valve permanently in the closed position and we also blank off the flow of exhaust gases using a blanking plate however this is only necessary in instances where the EGR valve is physically stuck in the open position. Our EGR deletion service comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Removing/Deleting the EGR Valve will result in the following:

Better Fuel Efficiency

Less Flat Spots

Improved Throttle Response

Less Maintenance Costs

Cleaner Intake System

Smoother Acceleration

There are two aspects to EGR Removal:

1. The EGR Valve is blanked preventing any exhaust gasses from passing through the valve and entering the intake system. EGR blanking is only required when the valves cannot fully close due to carbon build up.

2. The ECU is Remapped (Reprogrammed) and the EGR functions are removed from the ECU software or the valve is electronically programmed to remain closed at all times. This is the most important aspect of the job and it is vital that it’s done correctly. We can also remap the vehicle for better performance and fuel efficiency at the same time.

* Our EGR Delete service is sold for off-road use only.

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